Wednesday, May 13, 2009

why oh why.

could someone please tell me why it is so hard to make handmade gifts for guys?  i really want to make all of my gifts, but i can only slap my kids pictures (not slap my kids) on so many gifts for the dads and uncles.  and aprons are all enjoyed once every so while...

why aren't there better options?

any helpful ideas would be very much appreciated.


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  2. Hmmm... I think it is harder to make something for a guy than it is a girl because (most) guys aren't anywhere NEAR as sentimental as us gals! :) But it still doesn't take away that urge to make them something, am I right? Suggestions...? What guy isn't a snacker? You could make a decorated basket full of homemade cookies, brownies, stuff like that... and ofcourse you could add a homemade card that probably has a picture of your kids "slapped" on it. ;) **Blessings** (Yeah my first comment I totally spelled "snacker" wrong.)

  3. you can't make homemade things for guys because they only want electronic(it seems like)

    laptop case?

    ...yeah that's it i'm out of ideas.

    good luck. i'm sure you'll think of something brilliant!

  4. Well if your not a "made from scratch baker" than you can always grab a little help from Betty Crocker. Those are almost always fool proof! :) Brownies, cookies, muffins? Mmmmm... it's making me hungry! Haha! What a lucky guy, I love that you care to make homemade gifts. Too many people have gottan caught up in the materialistic ideas, and you are a breath of fresh air! Lucky guys, I'd say!