Wednesday, May 6, 2009

not quite the bookworm.

in one of my very first posts, i had a long list of goals for myself.  and specifically i had books that i really wanted to read.  i think since January i am not quite sure if i have really finished a book. (i am trying to remember when i read the Twilight series... maybe since January?)  perhaps i read a C.S. Lewis book? where has my memory gone? i know i read a Francine Rivers book.
clearly, i need to read more.
which is where this post is going.
i am so far behind on reading the Bible in one year.  and it really disappoints me.  i only made it as far as the beginning of Numbers last year, before i got so far behind i didn't try to catch up.
i was doing so well this time- 1 Samuel.
then i had a baby.
and somehow i am (gulp) 3 full books behind.
what to do?
not be discouraged! trying to catch up on those 3 books isn't going to help me get on track.
so this is what i am going to do:
start reading the One Year Bible- from today's date on.
yes, i'll miss out on some of the Bible this year, but I'll read it from May 5-Dec. 31st.  then start over.  this gives me accountability of spending time in the Word each day, which is what i am desperate for.
Hmmm... perhaps a weekly post on what i am reading? i have 5 books sitting out in the living room that i wish i was reading.
and maybe i will put this down, and pick up one of them.

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  1. hey, could you read a couple for me too? thanks! ;)