Monday, May 25, 2009

a second try.

my first try at this pillowcase dress turned out awfully wide.  so after having Serena give it a second look, she said i could easily enough um, un-widen the dress.  so i shortened the arm holes a tad, and took in the dress about 3 inches.
Mason has become increasingly interested in taking off her diaper, so she needs a barrier, hence the little pink bloomers.  however they really aren't little.  two things i have learned from this project: one, i need to take in the sides a bit more for Mason- she's not that wide! and two, i really need to measure the amount of elastic i am going to use per pant leg.  i really just guessed.  now this will work for this small little project, but i need to make some more for Mason to wear this summer, so you will see some more!

hopefully i can post some pictures of my little Mason wearing this tomorrow!

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  1. that is so stinking cute mary! you are one talented mama!