Friday, May 8, 2009

lofty dreams.

the five top things i wish i could be paid to promote:

1) Breastfeeding.
its free. its the best for your baby. and it rapidly speeds up losing the baby weight. 

2) the Sleepy Wrap.  really baby-wearing in general.  i have a wonderful hand made Mei Tai which i plan to use to carry Henry on my back.  but baby-wearing is just absolute the greatest thing in the world.  i just love the special bonding of having them so close to you.  and when you have more than one child it is almost essential to have your hands free.

3) the Firm
i am a firm believer.  i have had the "fanny lifter" and related videos for almost 7 years. i have since added to my Firm video collection.  i know that a lot of people may be wary of home work out video things- but these are absolutely amazing.  the truly do shape and sculpt your body, the are really tough, they have videos for all levels- but most importantly: they are such a blast to do! i love waking up in the morning (well, maybe i don't love waking up... depends on what time said waking up is taking place) and deciding which video i am going to do (i know have probably 12). if you are looking for any type of home exercise video- i swear by these.

if you are trying to lose weight, or looking to eat healthier, i highly recommend Weight Watchers.  you can eat anything you want (unlike some diet fads that have you eliminate certain groups of food entirely).  i love going to the meetings.  you truly get support from other women (and sometimes men) who are trying to get a hold of their eating.  for me, its portion control.  i am such a control freak that this program absolutely works for me.  i am so meticulous that having someone tell me how many points i can use in a day and a week just fits me perfectly.
and it really works.  now, i haven't had the opportunity yet to lose the weight and "keep it off".  the very day i hit my goal weight i discovered i was expecting sweet Henry.
so next week, i haven't picked a day, but next week i will be resuming my membership.  and will then be quickly on my way to my goal... not so much a weight goal- but the goal of getting back into my clothes that are anxiously awaiting me.

5) Tivo 
i don't care what you have to say, DVR is not superior to Tivo at all.  i love my tivo.  it is wonderful.  and i could talk about it all day long.

so there are the top 5 things that i would love to be paid to run my mouth off about.  because trust me, if you give me five minutes of your time, i usually have something to say about this.

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  1. you should be a model/spokeswoman for the sleepywrap. in fact, i saw pictures of you on their website! you are so famous. well, you sold me on the sleepywrap, and now i swear by it and am spreading the word down here. check my blog sometime this week for pictures of miss delaney snug as a bug in the wrap!