Sunday, April 5, 2009

awhile back

ah. the luxury of blogging on the couch, next to my beautiful sleeping boy, watching 24, and sipping a latte.  hee hee, i can thank my husband for making all of those things possible (buying me my laptop, his contribution to the beautiful baby, his obsession with 24 and making me my latte).
i had been blogging all of my goals of things to do- but have yet to show any of the things i have finished.  
so here we go- hope no one is overloaded!
also, my apologies if i have already posted pictures about any of these pictures.

a pillowcase dress... not great- i can do better!
Campbell's Easter Shorts... still need to post Mason's little dress

Henry's burp cloths
Kris's birthday purse- kinda my design.. i'd call it the Birdie Hobo (cause those were the 2 purses that inspired me), I also did a wallet, but i am not impressed with it- hence not picturing it!
little August's baby quilt
 (if i named a quilt this would be called "she thinks she can sew straight")
the back of August's baby quilt
embroidery on a burp cloth
Campbell's birthday backpack... he loves it!

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