Thursday, April 23, 2009

what's the happy hap

i really crack myself up sometimes.  so i had to share this story, because, well, i really cracked myself up.
so at fort bragg we saw a lot of turkeys.  a lot.  in fact our first morning at the rental house we awoke to a flock of turkeys in the front yard.  sam took the time to point out the "tom" to all of us.
well the next day as sam, jess, levi, and myself (and henry) were driving into town, we pulled out of the rental house and noticed the turkeys in the road in the opposite direction.  so we were all looking at them.  
i asked, "where's the tom?"
so we all had our heads turned searching for the tom, to no avail.
so i said, "if this were a comedy movie, this would be the time where we would all be looking for the tom, only to turn our heads and find the tom on the hood of the van."
well... as you can imagine, the van was an uproar of laughter.
yes, i did just waste an entire blog post to brag about my amazing gift of humor.
seriously though, i really do crack myself up.
oh, and the happy hap?  its a line a quote all the time from Scrubs.  Turk says it.  and it always seems like a great thing to say.

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