Friday, April 17, 2009

the ocean breeze.

i am feeling the ocean breeze. well not currently, but up until 5 minutes ago i could see the ocean from my seat. we had absolutely beautiful weather this morning: sunny and clear sky, not to warm, not to terribly breezy. however, the sun has hidden behind the clouds, and now it is gray and overcast- hence, why i cannot see the ocean.

we (sam and i and the kids) and sam's family are visiting fort bragg.

more to blog on this later. when i can post a few fun pictures of what we have been doing.

and show you pictures of the wonderful new journal sam bought me.

i have a horrid obsession with purses and journals. i love love love love journals. and i love having one for every different thing possible. hmmm... i could actually do a post just on journals. perhaps i shall. hee hee.

anyways. everyone enjoy your weekend. i am loving it here.
off to starbucks. and a thrift store.

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