Saturday, April 25, 2009


as promised.  journals.  i love love love journals!
the notebook Sam bought me during Fort Bragg.  
it was such a wonderful surprise. i love it.
a second wonderful surprise. 2 new journals from my sister-in-law.
i want to use the flowers on top to use for embroidery.

and i do like keeping different journals for different things.  which may seem strange, i mean why not just use one journal at a time?  well, where is the fun in that?
currently, i have journals for the following purposes:
*things i need to do
*gifts for people
*homeschooling ideas
*our Bible Study

i do believe i will be adding new purposes soon.
*i'd like to force myself to write.  more than just blogging, but actually taking pen to paper. so i think keeping a journal of my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and random thoughts would be good for me.
*a journal for my ideas, because i do have a lot of ideas.
* a journal for devotions.

again, why so many journals? why not.

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