Thursday, April 30, 2009

colors of the rainbow

oven grilled asparagus drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, 
red seedless grapes, 
2 eggs scrambled with spinach, mushroom and just a dash of feta. 
this is my new goal.  i feel like i have been having a pretty strong emotional battle in my brain as of late.  i have struggled with the weight of my body my entire life.  i actually lost weight after i got married (apparently that is a time you put it on) and then had Campbell.  and by his first birthday i was at my lowest weight ever.  then pregnant with Mason.  after her birth i flew into weight watchers head strong.  got to my new lowest weight ever.  to only find myself pregnant again.
well, here is my emotional battle: i don't really want to go back to weight watchers.  its an excellent program, but i just don't want to spend the rest of my life counting every ounce of what i eat.  so how do i get back down to my old size? i still have 19 pounds to go.  that is a lot.  
next week i can be given the green light to exercise.
will exercise alone work?
i know i have a great starting point- because i do know what choices aren't the best to make as far as eating.  but that doesn't mean i want to pass up on foods that are fun to eat.
exercise and moderation.  water and the colors of the rainbow.
my goal- to be eating more fruits and veggies.  my biggest goal is to try and get at least 3 servings of veggies in one meal.  salads. i love love love salad.  and i have been taking the time to add them back into my diet.
i don't want to be watching the number i weigh so intently that i stop enjoying life.  i mean, technically i am just 1 quarter of a pound away from being in a healthy bmi.  
well, i could waste valuable time taking about this.
i just want to pray that i will find my self-worth in what i should.  but not let that be an excuse to gorge.
who knows, maybe i'll just end up pregnant again and this won't even be an issue.
but i will still eat the colors of the rainbow.

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