Monday, April 6, 2009

a little bit gross

last friday i had quite the disgusting day. 
it all started in the morning.  i was sitting on the floor (so i could feel the heat from our wall heater) nursing Henry and using the kids art table to rest my coffee.  Campbell finished his breakfast and jumped down from the table.  he came over to stand by me and look at baby Henry.  as he is standing over me, he sneezes.
i am leaving out an important detail.  Campbell still had a full mouth of his breakfast- egg.
oh- and he sneezed on me- in my hair.
i shrieked for Sam.  who came and stood over me, and his face said it all.
then of course there was Mason who was standing next to me, eyeing my hair in the same way Newman eyes Kramer in an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer smells like all roasted after sunbathing on the roof.
that was grossness one.
grossness two was the massive dirty diaper Mason had for me.
grossness three involved potty training Campbell and a pooh incident.  fun stuff.
so then i take Henry to the doctors office for a weight check.
the nurse weighs him and i take him back to the little table (he's of course naked) and as i am trying to put a clean diaper on him, he starts peeing and poohing- everywhere.  i mean it is going all up the table and down on the floor.  it was awful.  over his clothes- on the diaper i was about to use- just everywhere.
so i finally get him dressed and we have to head back over to get his heel pricked.
as i am getting him out of the van i realize that my sleepy wrap is all messed up from nursing him while still wearing him. after 2 frustrating attempts to get him in properly, i tear the wrap off and carry him inside.
smart decision.  about 2 minutes after we get inside Henry has a projectile spit up attack.  
this was all before 12:00
oh well. being a mom means you don't smell very good, and that you spend a lot of time cleaning up nastiness.  which i can handle. i do cloth diapers.
i did get to end the day with a hair cut (someone else shampooing your hair is AMAZING) and fun with Sam and our Wii fit.
all days won't be so gross.

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