Saturday, October 3, 2009

a bag for Becky

i alluded to posting about this bag almost 2 (3?) weeks ago, and then got a little behind in my blogging dreams.
i made this bag for my friend becky's birthday. i was most pleased with the way this entire project came together. i was trying something a little different- if you can't tell, the big red swash of fabric on the front and back is actually masquerading as pockets! 2 nice deep, outside pockets.
and i love the fabric. well not the red, i could actually do without the red. the red came from buying a poly/cotton blend by mistake at joann's. i sure do hate the way it smells when it is being ironed. like the fabric is melting (i check, its not).
but the big blue round... emblems? flowers? that's Ikea! which i actually found in the As Is section, i think it might have been a curtain at some point?
see me re-using, Becky?
the lining is fun and red as well- and the bag is completely reversible (if you couldn't tell).
and do i ever pay attention to detail- i actually topstitched the top with white on oneside, and red on the other.
oh yeah, i'm that great.
**for those of you who don't sew, the greatness in this is only involved in the switching of color in the bobbin**
there is one more way i would like to see this bag tweaked. and if i can get it done before a craft fair i am supposed to be doing in november, that would fantastic.
also, i would like to make a bag with a little less puckering. if you look closely at the top you will notice that it kind of puckers here and there.
so perfection is still a bit out of my grasp.
i will continue to focus on "unique".


  1. You did a great job! It is so cute! (Yes, even the red!) What a great birthday present! I love sewing also, but unfortunatly I don't have my own sewing machine, so I go and use my moms when I find myself needing to sew... you should have seen the Belle dress I made for my little princess halloween two years ago. That was a two week project, but turned out amazing!! Keep up the good work! :)

  2. I am enjoying my bag, red, blue and all! Love it! hmmmm, I think I'm supposed to do some stuff for that craft faire, but still am catching up on my own gift projects....yikes. Re-use, I need to try doing more of that so I don't buy out the fabric stores. Thanks again for the great purse.