Friday, October 23, 2009

bummer man, he delivers.

i am a little frustrated, not a lot frustrated- just a little. why? last night (thursday) while i was out shopping and enjoying a great dinner at cheesecake factory (my mouth is watering just remembering) sam decided it was the perfect time to install (or rather update) my computer with the brand new windows 7 (which he was able to get for just 30 bucks through his school).
great right? my husband is so sweet to make sure i've got the best and smoothest processing system.
now if only my computer would work.
it doesn't. sam did everything right, but when you go to do basic stuff (like, turning on the computer) it loads up, goes to my desktop and immediately crashes and restarts.
windows is really helpful- we need to go into the computer and uninstall the problem.
ummm- how do you do that when your computer turns on and then immediately locks up.
windows 7 was just so helpful too.
wait. nope they weren't.
it was like a mac commerical. but more frustrating because it was real.
so, i am without my laptop, my faithful companion. it rests incapable of anything more than telling me it doesn't work.
so for the mean time i am using sam's mac (which i don't really like that much) or i have our old desktop (which is really just a glorified stereo).
but i am nervous. we are waiting for the windows 7 disc (as opposed to the download sam did- apparently we downloaded a "corrupt file") and i am just holding my breath that when my computer turns back on that everything will be there.
for instance- all pictures i have taken since i received the laptop.
and oh, all my family budget info, and my stories.
tomorrow we are buying an external hard drive.
hopefully it won't be purchased in vain.
so i have been sewing. the little light from my sewing machine is on right now. but i am a little tired, and have a major sugar high (which is now causing me to crash) because my good friend krystin makes killer homemade caramel corn.
so stick with me while i wait for this problem to be solved.
i'll be around.


  1. OH MY GOSH! I "updated" to Windows 7 also! And my computer runs as slow as those dinosaurs from when the computer FIRST came out. I think to myself... GEE MIGHT AS WELL STOP FORKING OUT THE EXTRA CASH FOR SUPER HIGH SPEED AND GO TO DIAL UP SINCE IT TAKES THAT LONG ANYWAYS! Grrrrr... yay for windows 7 :(

  2. mac's are hard to get used to...but totally worth it when i hear stories like this. (although i would like a faster...and newer mac) i just hate windows and i do not miss it.
    jake crashed our old PC a couple years ago...and i cried for about an hour when i realized the years of pictures we had on the computer. luckily we were able to get them all back...but i did not learn my lesson cause i never got external hard drive...i should probably do that SOON.