Wednesday, October 21, 2009

everything's okay.

i think my last post made things sound worse than they really are. really, i am not about to fall apart at the seams. don't get me wrong- there have been days like that, but my last post was really just exasperation over a small little task that was thwarting my smooth suave abilities.
which, i did eventually master- and all baby shower invitations were done.
only to find out that because i had such a strong desire to make my invitations personable and slightly fun (and trust me, they are actually rather lame) with a little ribbon, well that extra creativity cost me an extra .20 cents per envelope.
and there were 25 to mail.

i almost took all the envelopes back from the post office worker. well, i actually did grab them back and stuffed them in my purse. i mean an extra 5 whole dollars?
and then i thought about the work of opening up all 25 envelopes, and removing all 25 ribbons, and then figuring out how i was going to secure the invitations to the paper without the ribbon for all 25 and then considering i had to then tape or sticker close every opened invitation.
needless to say i handed the invites back and mailed them off.
i have another baby shower to plan for the month after this one, and that friend's invitations will be printed on the finest dollar store stationary i can find, placed in high quality business type envelopes and for an extra touch sealed with a stamp or sticker.
i am learning.

but when it comes to the mess of life and the work my kids bring, well that is just life. and every so often i have to just temporarily freak out in my brain and then bring myself back to reality.
and back to the Lord.
and when i turn myself over to my weakness and ask for Someone else to be my strength, i find that i can do better.
and a big part has been prioritizing at night. for the last couple of weeks even though we don't have tv i've been sucked into my laptop watching shows online.
nothing wrong with that.
or i've been watching movies on the tv.
again- nothing wrong with that.
but i have been super frustrated that due to my absolute brain shut off i am absolutely behind on everything i would love to be doing.
don't even ask how gift making is going.
but for the last 3 night, i've put the computer down, turned off the tv (i mean, after sam and i have watched our alloted episodes of the west wing- we are a tad behind in time) and turn up the music.
and then i try to create.
and i've actually been motivated to stay up till 1 am every night.
i should have pictures to post soon. i mean anyone who crafts at all knows that the prep work required for any project 85% longer than the actual creating.
so don't worry about me, i mean please still pray for me, i do have 3 little one's that are 3 and under (and for today and the next 2 days i am watching little anna) and they constantly knock on the door to my sanity, trying to coax it out and then run a wild crazed muck with it.
and then when i drag my poor sanity back, try and dust it off, mend any wounds and slowly heave it back into place....
well, i get pretty tired.
well, back to my last episode of west wing for the evening, then a little yoga (to burn off the cookie in my tummy and the half cookie i will be eating when i put my computer down) and then sewing.


  1. Awwww... everyone deserves a good emotional meltdown every now and again. After all we ARE ONLY human! :) Glad to hear your getting accomplished! (Although I have missed your sweet blogs!) Enjoy your evening!