Monday, October 5, 2009

no soup for you.

sorry to disappoint, but there was no soup made either yesterday or today. promises, promises and i already let you all down.
but, its a good thing (for me at least).
yesterday we spent the day at the awesome Bishops Pumpkin Farm. if any of you live even remotely to this- you must go. in fact, we are going to go again (it's that cool) in a few weeks. Sunday we went with sam's parents (always nice to have the extra hands and help, and even better when the extra hands are extra generous and pay for the fun stuff!) and then nana and papa happily took our over tired campbell and mason home with them. sam and i took the free time to go shopping. and no- not the boring grocery shopping that we usually do (and actually should have done) but fun clothes shopping!

sam found some good finds at the banana republic sale, and i found a couple of tops- but what i am really looking for are so great jeans that fit well. and because of my weight fluctuation, none of my jeans fit great (the jeans i just bought with you jess, are already to baggy.... a nice kind of bummer- but i love them) however, i may instead look for a good pair of brown boots (to give me and the pants some height) and some nifty belts.
way off topic.
so- sam and i went to our favorite chinese restaurant for dinner (the wii fit balance board this morning was not impressed, and i am making on monitoring my points- after a gleeful abandonment) and came home with tons of leftovers.
so leftovers for dinner.
nope. this morning, sam's mom called to invite us over for Monday Night Football.
Suck it Packers, Brett Farve and the Vikings are going to kick your butts.
i kinda like Farve.
so we will be eating tacos (we'll i'll be having taco salad- back on track, remember) and i won't need to be cooking tonight.
and i already promised sam enchilida's for tomorrow....
so, no soup for you.
but i will share a pretty good enchilida recipe tomorrow.
and.... maybe some more sewing news.


  1. i love that every once in a while your blogs are all over the place. yet, so full of information.

  2. Your blogs about your weight make me never want to eat again:) While I am very happy for you I am thinking your just sending the weight up north to me:( But like I said so happy your jeans are so loose. You should try and save money for a really nice pair. I just tried on 7 for all mankind, they last forever and the most comfortable pair I have ever worn. Love ya!