Monday, October 5, 2009

coasting on quilting

these little coasters were made as a wedding present for sam's best friend justin and his new bride baha. these little coasters are still sitting with the rest of their wedding gift, as it was not brought to the wedding, and we haven't given them their gift.
there are a lot of tutorials out there for really fantastic coasters, however- i opted to simply cut and sew. something i've been doing a lot of lately.
i didn't want a project that would require me to think more than, "pin and sew". so i simply cut strips of fabric (from a free charm pack i got when i was in Bolts in Portland 2 years ago) and put them in a pattern that i liked, tried to make sure they were all roughly the same size and width, and then pinned and sewed.
i used fusible fleece instead of a batting (so easy) and then i had a lot of fun with my "quilting".
i'm getting better. way less sharp turns and points. which makes me really excited to whip out some more coffee sleeves, because i think the quilting will flow much better.

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  1. i love these!! (as well as your coffee sleeves) you're amazing!!