Friday, October 16, 2009


the five things going through my mind wednesday night when i was being pulled over.
-yup, getting pulled over.

1) oh my goodness, i'm getting pulled over and sam is following me in the van. yup, i'm getting pulled over by a cop and sam is driving the kids home in the van behind me. i've given him nothing but pain and grief for 7 years over the number of speeding tickets he's had, and he is going to witness me getting a speeding ticket because...

2) oh holy crap, was i just going 45 in a 35? yes, i was going 45 in a 35... oh for how long?

3) and how much of driving was in the shoulder? it's been rainy and windy here and i was trying to avoid all the fallen leaves and might have been hugging the shoulder.

4) oh dear, just how long had the cop been following me with his lights on? because my rear-view mirror was messed up and when i finally went to switch it that is when i noticed the terrifying blue and red lights behind me.

5) how long was this going to take? my mcflurry's were melting the cup holder.

oh man. what a disaster. we had just left Bible study and had picked up our kids from sam's parents. sam was generous enough to let me drive the cool car (our camry) and i took off- because our special treats of mcflurry's were melting and i needed to get them in the freezer.
i was speeding, i am sure of it. and i was driving into the shoulder. and i was paying no attention to what was happening behind me.
it was just the worst feeling, and i was so flabbergasted when i got pulled over- mainly because i knew that sam was going to see all of this in just a few minutes.
imagine my relief when the officer came to my window, smiled at me, and asked if i knew why he pulled me over.
i totally played dumb and flabbergasted and confused.
because i was dumb, flabbergasted and confused.
and i told the officer just how confused i was, flashing a smile of course.
he reassured me that i was driving just fine (what???) and that i had a headlight out.
oh thank the Lord.
i cannot believe i didn't get a ticket. and neither could sam, because he said he saw how fast i was going- and he saw just how quickly the officer flipped around to go after me.
i don't know how or why or what, but thankfully the officer told me to get the headlight fixed and sent me on my way.
much to my multiple speeding ticket husband's chagrin.


  1. ugh, there are few feeling worse than getting pulled over (i mean, i'm sure getting into a horrific collision would be worse...but you know what i mean) i HATE getting pulled over. but luckily i'm getting old and hardly ever speed anymore.
    i'm super impressed that you didn't get a ticket!

  2. Oh isn't funny how the "airheadedness" of a female can come to our aid when we need it! I think police officers can recognize the "flabbergasted" ones from the... men! :) Glad you didn't get a ticket. If it makes you feel any better when he asked why, I probably would have said, because I was speeding and driving on the shoulder? HAHA!