Sunday, October 4, 2009

its pumpkin time.

i love the fall season. i am a little hooked on cooking with pumpkin. i will probably be making a lot of pumpkin goodies this month. call me a big dork, but i can't think october without thinking of beautiful pumpkins!
these little pumpkin scones were quite delicious. i made them for campbell's little seeds class, and then again for our young married's bonfire night.
i have another wonderful scone recipe (one's i made for katie's birthday) and i have to say that they do taste a little bit yummier. so my next project is to combine the two recipes and see if i can't create a wonderful tasty scone.
these really weren't bad though, i mean- i did more than 4 (they are kinda small), so if you feel the urge go here and make them.


  1. mmm looks good!! i think i might need to try some pumpkin recipes this fall...maybe then i wont miss summer so much.

  2. I love pumpkins too! I actually have a home filled with autumn decor~ (Pumpkin centerpeice on my table ofcourse!) And October/November are the months of pumpkin goodness! So bake and cook away my dear! I cannot WAIT to get started either. I was just telling my hubby, I wonder if there is an apple orchard nearby... yummy pies. You make the pumpkin, I'll make the apple!