Thursday, October 8, 2009

exciting news!

and many random thoughts.
first- nope, the announcement of a pregnancy is not my exciting news. sorry to disappoint.
this morning i had an email waiting from Sleepy Wrap

in my inbox. it turns out that the creators of my favorite method of baby wearing has designed a new product:
well, i was instantly interested. i mean- a new way to wear my babies? and my little mason? very intriguing indeed.
the price is a bit steep for me. not outrageous- and if i didn't already have 3 method's of baby wearing i would have picked a color and dropped it in the online shopping cart.
so i thought to myself this:
i have bought many sleepy wraps over the last 18 months (i've bought about 15-20)
i did tell my local WIC office about the Sleepy Wrap, and they decided to buy Sleepy Wrap- instead of the Moby Wrap.
i think that because WIC started getting them our local baby boutique started carrying them.
i tell EVERYONE about the Sleepy Wrap, and answer many questions while wearing my kids.
hmmmm.... sounds like i could sell for them, right?
well- if i have given them such great business, i wonder if they would like to me to sample their new product and give it my full endorsement.
so, i decided to email the company, gave them my little speech on how much i love Sleepy Wrap, and all i have done to promote their company. and i asked if maybe i could get a free Boba (or buy one at a reduced price).
it never hurts to ask, right?
well... they said YES!
that's right. i'm getting a free Boba from the Sleepy Wrap company. i am beyond excited (i mean these things cost $100) and just really proud of myself for having the guts to email and ask.
as soon as it gets here expect a full review from me.

some short random news from me:
i feel oddly full of stress, and i don't really know why. i have a lot of great, fun things going on in the next 4 days, but for some reason having a lot going on makes me feel slightly overwhelmed. its really stupid.
the stress i've been feeling over the last 8 days has really caused ugly things in me. in the form of nail biting. i've lost 4 nails to this stress. and after a chronic episode of sitting and biting, these 4 little fingers are hurting me tonight.
i haven't touched my sewing machine in weeks. and it really bums me out. but i feel so behind in so many things that i just don't know how to get back on track.
and i'm worried that sewing is starting to become one of those things that starts to get put off so long that i eventually stop doing it.
and i've absolutely lost my mojo. sam and i both have an idea why that has happened.
and it sucks.
maybe i should have started with my random thoughts- and ended with my free Boba.
well, the smells of tortilla soup are filling my kitchen. i like cooking in the evening, because it forces me to stay up late. i'm committed to at least another hour (as i really should debone a chicken, which isn't going to feel great with my sore fingers- but don't feel sorry for me at all) perhaps i will get on the sewing machine, and sew.
or open up my story and write.
hopefully i won't "waste" this quite time cleaning.
because that i can do tomorrow.


  1. I was sorta hoping a 'baby'. but this is wonderful news. I lent out my sleepywrap you bought for me! And now am thinking I need another or may have Sarina make me a Mei Tei (spell?).'ll have to keep me post on this new one! I want to wear my twins....more, and (just so you know and see if they'll work together) I usually use the Ergo on my back. I need to do double baby wearing! I really am trying to get pics, too! I have a few on baby wearing, but I look hideous, could be that when the twins were first born = no sleep. I'm rambling...and so curious I'll have to go on Sleepwraps site now!
    P.S. I don't every have much mojo....I just make it up here and there when I really must have some. Love you!

  2. I think I talked too much, in case I didn't say it, I"m really excited for you! You really have turned so many on to the sleepywrap. From you affecting me, I told a few girl friends they were my 1 of 3 must haves when having a baby. I lent mine to my cousin, and it changed her life. I know I love them, becuase they work so well w/your body, too. And the idea to have your babies and toddlers close is great. Will you try Mason on back and Henry on front, you should and get a pic! I wished I'd gotten more babywearing pics, but am working on it now. Love you, love you! I'm gonna contact them and ask more about double wearing.

  3. Wow, I had never heard of baby wrap, but your marketing techiniques are working, because I want one! :) But my youngest is almost two... probably too wiggly and big for something like that... next baby maybe? ;) And don't worry... mojo can be overrated sometimes! (Did that make you feel better? I know we don't really believe it!)

  4. "Sleepy wrap." Oops! And oooooohhhhh, I went to the website and found that the boba wrap if for toddlers! How awsome... I want one!

  5. Yeah, if anyone deserves a Boba, it's you. I was looking at it and thinking it looks similar to the Ergo, but a little less utilitarian looking--kind of a combo Ergo and mei tai. I think you're going to like it.

  6. That's wonderful news! I'm so glad you put yourself out there and that the company is sending you one. I think that's wonderful. I loved my sleepy wrap and saw the email from them the other day. I thought about getting one, but Brice doesn't like to be I guess i'll hold off. I can't wait to see your review! Take lots of photos. And now you have me wanting to make soup for dinner tonight. :)

  7. that is AH-MAZING!!! you're the coolest person i know. i mean FREE STUFF! what could be better???