Tuesday, August 25, 2009

are you kidding me?

i am currently in my 6th outfit of the day. i cannot decide what to wear. do i have exciting plans or a big event today? nope. just lounging around, homeschooling and cleaning and playing with the kids.
and yet, i cannot decide what to wear, and i keep changing my clothes (which is wreaking absolute havoc on my hair).
what is wrong with me? i really love almost all of my clothes, so why should getting dressed be such an issue.
well, a professor i had at college once said, "when you open your closet, it isn't that you don't have anything to wear, it's that you don't have anything that reflects how you are feeling".
i really agree with that.
however, i have this weird mind attachment to clothes, where i think "hmmm, i haven't worn that in forever, i really need to try and wear that" or "well, i made that, so i need to be wearing it" or "jeans again? i need to mix it up with a skirt".
it is utterly frustrating. i am utterly frustrated, mainly because i know that i will be changing my outfit yet again.
so it makes me wonder, do i need to free up my closet space? get rid of the stuff in the drawers that i just never wear, put it in a box and slowly pull out one thing at a time, and if i don't wear it in a week it gets donated.
and with the items i have made. well most of them were "practice items" and i have yet to make the project again. so that means that aren't truly stellar. should i just recycle my fabric? reuse it for something else?
but even as i type that, i have ridiculous sentimental attachment to this red wrap skirt i am wearing, regardless of the fact that it points in areas it should point, and the tie is so high every shirt gets puckered out with it.
there are so many more important things i should be doing with my time then stuck in this stupid clothes fiasco.
but, i am still off to change again.

i settled on something to wear (for now). and i have had some new revelations on my frustrations:
1) i am so stinkin' tired of summer clothes, i am ready to move towards different things.
2) when your body goes through weight gain and weight loss, it definitely makes a difference on the clothes you have owned.
3) just because i liked something 2 years ago, doesn't mean i have to like it now (especially we i know that the majority of my clothes didn't cost a lot- target clearance!)
4) i think i would much rather have 10 outfits that i feel fantastic in, then 40 outfits i feel obligated to wear, that make me feel ok.
5) i need take more time when i make a skirt or top (or stop making those items) because if they don't turn out, they don't look great on.
well, that's it for now. i have to go and tackle the clothes mess i have left in my room.

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  1. Hey, lets put our clothes, the ones from a few years back, that we don't like or they don't fit 'right' anymore into a pile and do an exchange amongst our selves? Then donate the rest?