Saturday, August 15, 2009

no change here.

well except for my hair. which is SHORT! perhaps a tad shorter than i thought, but it is really funny because the hairstyle i am not sporting, is one that i have always wanted and tried to get, but it never truly laid or styled quite right. and as i type this with messy-i've been up all night with sick kids hair- i realize, hey- it was finally cut perfect to fit the style!
well, it did just happen yesterday, let's see how i feel after i shower.
and sadly i really don't have a good before and after picture- well maybe i do, but i have been sporting an all attractive pony tail knot for the last week (hence the haircut)

but still no change with the kids. and no, it isn't swine flu. they are only sick in the middle of the night, which is just lovely for me and sam- more un-lovely for sam, as he has to work at 4 am.

the house is a mess, it doesn't smell well in here, there is sewing and such to be done.

but it will be ok.

i wish i had a picture to share. not of the mess or the sewing that isn't done. but i realized that i only take pictures of my kids or my sewing. how boring is that? really boring. i think i ought to change that up!

i went and saw julie/julia. i liked it. although it makes me come back to this little blog and of course dream of the different things i could do.
the problem- i never have just one idea. even when i try to think about the things i could only focus on and write about, well never does one thing just apply.
i truly am generally wondering about so many things, and generally trying of lots of things- not that i always follow through, but i have ideas.
are to many focuses in one blog exhausting? not for me at least- its nice to get them out of the brain and onto a surface.
well, on a side note, i think i am going to be deleting some of my labels in an attempt to reorganize my thoughts, ideas and this blog. so try hard and not be lost or shocked if this happens.
and on a completely other note:
weighed in yesterday, all the pregnancy weight with henry is gone. i'd post my weight, but my sister will kill me. this isn't a brag, i feel proud and happy.
goal weight=new hair.
now hopefully i can stay not pregnant for awhile and enjoy it!


  1. I have 15 pounds to lose. I'm not a dieter or exerciser, so I'm not sure how it will work itself off. I noticed a drop off in weight when Brice stopped nursing as much, and then when we picked it up a little again it has come back on a bit. So i'm hoping as we phase out nursing over this next year that it will melt away again. I can hope. Husband found a photo of us from our honeymoon cruise and I can't stand to see myself then and now. I don't like the changes. But i'm not will to do the work to get the weight I can't really complain. :)

  2. So proud of you. You can say it,"I weigh less then my sister!!!!!" Great job and we will just have to see how long you can stay unpregnant for:)