Monday, August 17, 2009


do you remember this apron? well after i had entered it in an apron giveaway at angry chicken, it was slated to be entered in my local fair.
and yup, that's a blue ribbon on top of this little lady.
first place. beginner level.
of course, it doesn't hurt when you are the only entry in this particular category.
i don't care, it only makes me want to sew more for next year, so that maybe i can legitimately win...
either way, sam spent my $3 prize (oh yes, i won cash) on a yummy latte that i enjoyed tonight.
in case you are wondering, serena entered an apron too, where there were multiple entries, and she won first place in her category.
i am super proud.
visit her, i think she is still doing her giveaway for another beautiful apron.