Monday, August 10, 2009

the dorothy bag.

finally posting about sewing, and by the way- i should NOT be posting, i should be sewing... this procrastinator is feeling the pressure of gifts that have not been made.
however behind i am, i felt the urge to share a little project that i not only made, but technically designed myself. i am starting to believe that bag design is not my forte at all (which is an incredibly ironic statement to make seeing that another new design is laying on my ironing board right now)
anyhoo- here she is:

i have named her "the dorothy bag".
for no other reason than when i thought "she needs a name" the wizard of oz just shot into my brain. maybe it's the gingham. not quite sure.
the pockets are a little different- they are longer, and one side is 2 pockets, the other side is 3, perfect for your cell phone, keys- those things i am constantly digging in my purse for.

i couldn't make this picture flip, but that's the loop i made.

and here is said loop around the button.
and the bag.
she isn't to tough, i used a little bit of interfacing, and probably should have used more because the fabric was very light weight. originally she was much longer, but when i attempted a new move on the sides, it didn't turn out well. so i improvised. and this is what we got.
i like the handle especially, nice and over the shoulder.
this dorothy bag was given off as a gift. perhaps with better fabric choices (because i tend to salvage pieces together when making a new project) she would be worth a price? a very small price that is.
i am pretty impressed that my sides all matched up- something you cannot see in the pictures, but they did all add up.
well, i should probably go off and start sewing. but (and without giving to much information here) i have really sick kids, one who is currently sleeping on the floor in the living room in case any new sickness comes um... up.
so, i guess i might be really leaving this gift to the last minute (funny, since it is already 1o days late).

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  1. Very cool Mary! Hope to be able to sew like you one day!