Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my french bird.

no, i don't have a new 2 winged friend in my home. but seeing that this new bag i made was inspired by this bag and this bag by amy butler, i decided that a combo of the names was in order. side note: i didn't use either pattern to make this bag, i have made a birdie sling (well many birdie slings) and i definitely used the skills that i learned by making them, but this bag was my design, however inspired by seeing the other two.

with that said, i am definitely done designing bags. at least for the foreseeable future. it is just not my niche. i believe that i am a moderately creative person, but i think that in order for my creativity to soar, i need to be working to my strengths.

however, judging by these photos, one might wonder if sewing is my strength. its really not my fault that the stitching is so awful. this fabric was horrid to work on, and i will never buy this type of home decor fabric again.
maybe i needed a different needle?

here is my one super unique part to the bag. this little puckering on the ends is my original design, which came across from my first attempt (failure)at making gussets.

well, she's not the worst bag ever (that bag was made years ago and ended up in the garbage) but i definitely see a ton of room for improvement. i might try this bag again, maybe with different fabric, maybe with fusible interfacing and not fusible fleece.
i do love making bags, because i LOVE bags. and i have several patterns that i really want to try.
well this french bird went home with my sister-in-law jess. it was a late birthday present. in fact, the second part of her birthday present is draping over the ironing board, perhaps i should go work on that.


  1. It looks great! But I know what you mean about stitching - I hate when it looks funny on me. I used the 90 universal needles and that seems to work for everything (which is the point, actually). So if you aren't, maybe try that next time. I just love the fabric!

  2. Love it Sweetie! I wish you would stop saying you aren't good at designing bags... because you are and you shouldn't stop!