Monday, August 24, 2009

don't stay up to late.

it sure is a nice thought, going to bed at a reasonable time. but when you have children who are not simultaneously napping during the day, one must relish the evening time when the house is silent (even though this evening has been interrupted twice by henry- who just can't settle down, and mason who is still sick).

i am still pretty tired, and as i type, my eyes are squinting to stay awake (it is definitely time for bed), yet i am still craving a little bit of my own time.
so for fun, i thought i share the randomness of life.
even though i have sworn off designing bags i have yet another attempt flopped on the ironing board. this time i am staying to what i know, and its basically a new twist on an old favorite. and that's really all i am sharing.
well, and these two pictures.

why random brown straps? because after sewing these, and just casually trimming the ends (there are two separate straps here) i was shocked to find that they were absolutely even. no ruler, no laying them out debating which side got trimmed. i just got scissor happy, and perfection.
ahhhh. happy.
speaking of really random things that make me happy (beware this is SO superficial i feel bad posting about it) these are the little vases in my kitchen window, (no i couldn't photograph the window, because oddly enough a window that looks clean to my eyes, turned up ghastly dirty in the picture) and i spend a good 75% of my day standing in front of this window.
and i just love that i feel skinny in this reflection.
because some mirrors and some reflections are NOT flattering.
and for some reason, i love this reflection (i warned you, totally superficial)
but it did get me thinking, of how i feel i can use this window for encouragement and prayer.
more details to come later.... i have an idea a brewing. so give me some time (months?) and let me see what i develop.

man alive, do i need to recharge my batteries (shameless picture here). i am so tired (still squinting) and am trying to get up early- 5 am- so that i can have my oatmeal, mentally wake up, and then exercise as sans kids as possible.
well, i drug myself out of bed this morning at 5:45, and tomorrow (or um in 7 hours) sam gets up at 5, so i will have a buddy.
thank you Lord for coffee.
i am just trying to be more productive.
see my list below?

sewing tasks, and my exercise plan are scribbled on this handy notepad.
but that is only a tiny fraction of the current plate i am trying to handle.
i've got home-schooling campbell (we started our school year today!), the camping blog, our family blog, the little etsy store i am trying to start up, sewing for said etsy store, sewing for myself, my sunday school job, Bible studies to be done, Bible studies that are starting up again, and i am wanting to take on a special responsibility in our church's women's ministry.
again- more details to come.
so many things.
but, i'm not staying up to late.

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