Thursday, August 27, 2009

a little strawberry sunshine.

i think that shall make a nice name for this apron. however, i most likely won't always make this apron with strawberry yellow fabric, but for this one it fits.

do you see the pleats? completely last minute, because the top wouldn't lay correctly. still doesn't. but hopefully the recipient doesn't mind. this is the apron i made for sam's cousin for her wedding shower gift. she's very bright and country, so i think it fits.

i'd brag and say "my design, my design", but.... come one- it's just to square pieces sew together. i had really intended for the waist band to be twice the width, but then realized it would have been way to wide high on the sides... not sure how to fix that problem. also the band threatened to hide my pleats, something that i wanted shown. i'm trying to work out the issues as i make the next apron.

i've got a couple of changes zooming around the brain. sewing related, time related, spacial thinking related....
but that's another post!

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