Monday, August 3, 2009


terrible pic, but not truley terrible if you take into account it was shot via my phone.

isn't it wonderful that just because you are "gone" from your home, you never truly have to gone from your blog? i mean, unless you really want to be gone. i am a self-admitted blog addict. and with 3 blogs going, i understand i have a problem. but i don't care.
i just love to blog. and i am hoping that one day i will consistently have wonderful things to say.
or interesting things to say.
or helpful.
for today it is crafty/inventive. no, i am not sewing while away (for those of you who didn't see my last cryptic post placed via my snazzy new cell phone, i am currently residing in the slightly cooler whereabouts of puyallup, wa). however i did bring a slab of sewing stuff with me, and my sister wants to attempt to make flower clips.... so hopefully i will for once do something that i have brought.
how many of us do that? i over bring everything. 4 journals for this, 5 books that sound interesting, 6 sewing projects to start, exercise stuff if inspired.
i need to narrow it down! which should really be my new motto, and for today it is.
instead of the above listed, it should really be 1 journal, a traveling journal- for all vacationing, not that it needs to be filled with thoughts about trips, but thoughts formed while vacationing.
boom. i just created more room in the car- for fabric.
and instead of doing 5 books that i haven't started- just bring one book. and if i really plan on reading, it should be one either i am desperate to start, desiring to re-read, or am almost finished.
sewing. hmmm. it should really be hand projects only, which really shouldn't be a problem, because i think i have a nifty idea for the etsy store, and it really requires 80% embroidering, and seeing that i am not super good yet- i need the practice.
look at all the room i am creating.
and as far as my exercise stuff. who am i kidding? i am always inspired. i have become a exercise addict (same with blogging) and got a ton of enjoyment out of co-firming it up with my sis today.
well, not a particularly crafty or inventive post of anything crafting related.
but crafty and inventive with space is something i am always thriving for!
and now (hypothetically) i have created all more space for fabric.

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  1. I love firming it up with you and all of your blogs are interesting and helpful!