Tuesday, August 4, 2009


i am not quite sure what i was planning on blogging about, but any thoughts that may have been floating around inside my mind are officially put on hold, because i have to share exciting news about the two new loves in my life.

ms. baby blue.

this is why i cannot boldly put the buy handmade button on my blog.
i love to make handmade, and i love buying handmade... but i cannot take the pledge. why? because i am addicted to red stickers. red clearance stickers that is, and i happen to have some kind of super power that allows me to find them everywhere!
ms. baby blue was a fantastic target find while shopping with my sister last night. i was spending some money that my momma gave me... you see it would have been $1300 for the kids and i to fly up to washington, so i drove us all up. my mom decided i might need a little spending spree after the drive... she was right, i had way to much fun shopping last night with my sis. and by the end of the night i was a giggly mess (perhaps it was because my children were at home snuggled in their beds-all 3- or i think the starbucks lady put a little something extra in my latte).
anyways, ms. baby blue here was only $7.88
now i love making bags, one of my favorite things to make... but i really doubt i could have made this for $7.88
at least i know it wouldn't have turned out this way!

and ms. brown fancy.

now ms. brown fancy here was purchased with the mindset that i would use her as my camera bag. now she is quite girlie, i don't know if sam will approve.... so she may be used as a camera bag some days, and an everything else bag other days.
bff, i searched long and hard for another one, and alas, i could not find a sister to this.
and at a whopping $4.88- believe me i searched really hard!
remember how i feel about journals? well that sentiment is also shared on bags.
in all fairness- i only buy bags that are ridiculous deals. and try and only make bags out of fabric i adore...
and i never buy shoes. so it kinda evens out right?
ok, back to admire my new bags.
it really is love.


  1. Ohhhh, they're both gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to meet them! Maybe I'll just have to borrow ms. brown fancy to model my own camera bag on. ;)

  2. I love Target bags! Sometimes I actually buy bags - if you can believe it. ;) But too often I think to myself - why buy that when I can make it? But I do buy the ones like this blue one, which I know is not something I want to figure out on the fly. :)