Thursday, August 27, 2009

you shouldn't sew when you can't think.

fyi. just in case anyone out there thinks that you can sew** if you aren't thinking.
yesterday i was working on an apron for a bridal shower i am attending on the 5th .(could i please get a round of applause- i started this project almost 2 weeks before it needed to be done!)
i just finished an apron for another bridal shower that i went to last sunday (sam's cousin is getting married). there is a small chance that apron was finished hours before the shower.... but.... well, it got finished (and i think i shall be blogging about it next).
so i am working on this new apron, and not using a pattern. there are lovely apron patterns out there, but they always call for so much fabric (i don't know how much fabric i am using for this apron, but because i didn't read 1 or 2 yards, it feels like less) and they don't look complicated.

so i cut out the bottom piece to the apron. i trace, measure, and cut- and hold it up to me.
probably would have helped if i had made the width wide enough for the pleats i want(ed) to do.
no worries, i'll just flip the piece.... ok, now its a tad shorter in length.
no worries, i'll just add a contrasting trim and lengthen the apron.
phew, crisis averted.
so, then i am ironing the bottom piece in half so that i can get a nice crease in the middle to use for measuring my pleats.
so i iron, get the crease, and flip it over. and promptly iron out the crease.
as i look proudly at the flat piece of fabric, i go "huh?"
oh yeah. i wanted the crease. great.
i grab the iron, create my crease again, unfold the fabric.
and grab my scissors and aim to start slicing up the crease.
and then i stop, scissors in hand, and i give them a strange look.
what am i doing?
well, the pleats are formed (barely, and with using the seam ripper) and i move on to another aspect of the apron.
the straps.
i make them: like a good old spaghetti strap style, folding in towards the middle- creating another crease, folding each end up towards the crease, and then ultimately folding it over to create finished edges.
so i start top stitching, going very slow to ensure i keep my 1/8 seam allowance.
then i flip and do the other side.
and as the strap is finishing i notice an very interesting fact.
i decided that 1/4 seam allowance on the other side would be groovy.
that's just awesome.
well, hopefully you will all be on pins and needles, curious in how this "apron" turns out.

**i just spell checked and that first sew was typed " so"... so apparently, don't blog if you can't think either

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  1. On days of sewing like this, I step away from the machine. :)