Saturday, August 8, 2009

little bits.

home and trying to settle back in. it is so hard. cranky children, messy home, and endless projects that need to be started.
however my brain is a tad foggy. maybe its from being gone for so many days, and having so many things on the horizon, i am just struggling to find my focus, and get started.
and the screaming baby i hear in the background does not make anything easier.
but, you have to love new fabric, right?
i'm particularly in love with the cotton knit- the white with blue and brown flowers (?)
not sure what i will do with it, other than drape it around myself and pray for sanity, focus, and motivation to get off the couch!

1 comment:

  1. so, i think reading your blog is wearing off on me. i went into a joann fabric's yesterday...just to walk around with my mother in law...and i felt an overwhelming urge to buy all the cute fabric i saw...and i can't even sew!!! but it's all so pretty! i should just buy some and send it you next time :)
    good luck with the sanity, i need some too.