Thursday, August 13, 2009


it has been a long week. and it is only thursday. however, every single day this week has felt like a saturday. why? because we have been watching so many movies, in fact i think the kids have watched a years worth of movies this week alone.
well mary, why are you allowing your family to become horrid lazy bums? because we have been suffering from a horrid stomach flu that has not gone away. i think somewhere in blog literature it indicates that to many details on such a matter aren't undesirable for your readers- so i won't enlighten you.
but it has been awful. and just when you think it is over, one more child gets sick.
if i disappear for awhile- my body has let me down, and i am sick.

i am letting my body down. queasiness and tyring to bounce up and down during a work out don't quite go hand in hand. so my uber dedication to my firm videos has taken a hit, and it makes me sad. after all, exercise releases endorphins right? (quoting Elle here from Legally Blonde)

sewing has been done in little spurts. and i did finish jess's bag. and i am pretty happy with the results (but will never ever sew on home decor fabric again... well, at least not without researching needles).

anyways, that is life right now. messy and a little bit of of a pause.
i am getting my hair cut tomorrow, and the thought of a tiny escape from this place sounds amazing- especially when it will feel like a bit of glamour, being pampered and all.

now off to find my camera so i can share photos from the new creation!

** i am still a momma, but i have decided to drop down to just plain old simple mary.
although i am not too plain, and i refuse to say i am old, and simple? hardly.

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  1. So sorry you guys have been so sick! I am praying you all feel better soon. Did you do the same hair cut, or something different?