Thursday, June 4, 2009


last night i witnessed something amazing.
after a huge bbq for a ton of families from our church and community, sam and i were busy bees cleaning up the aftermath.  well all afternoon long the clouds in the sky had loomed over us, almost daring us to continue on with our bbq.  so as we quickly brought all the food and tables in and prepared to load up and head home (we were at sam's parents- their yard in unbelievable) sam was prepping to take a load of bags out to our van.  it was then that he yelled for me to hurry outside.
so his parents and i (and henry in tow) ran outside.
in the sky was the most unbelievable lighting display i had ever witnessed in my life.  the lighting was striking all over the sky, and one flash of light would literally explode one second on top of the next.
we stood out in the yard, watching this amazing display of God's Awesome power for almost an hour.  sam had ran in to get Campbell (who was at first confused why we weren't watching Cars- you know, Lightning McQueen?)
the lightning continued to get bigger and brighter, and eventually we started to hear thunder.
so we buckled everyone in, and followed the lighting show to our house, where we actually parked at the school close to our home to watch the sky explode even more.
and then the rain came.  
probably not the best timing that by the time we got ourselves home the storm was literally right above us, dumping tremendous- soak you the second you stand in it, rain.  not great for unloading 3 over tired kids.
but everyone was a good sport, i mean- this was just amazing.
so we put the little ones down, and turned off every light in our house (including computer screens) and sam and i just watched as our house was illuminated by flashes of lighting that were literally coming from every single window in our house.
i had never witnessed anything like this, and i can't imagine i will anytime soon.  the lighting was still going on when i was nursing henry at 2 am.
i wish there had been a way i could have captured some of this on film, but i didn't. instead it will remain a memory that will burn in my heart.
all i could think while watching this storm, was that this lightning storm must have somehow resembled what Creation was like.  
Absolute, controlled chaos, exploding all over the sky.

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