Friday, June 12, 2009

a glimpse into the future.

this morning has already gotten away from me. one should never stay in bed while kids run a muck. i also stayed up to late, and ate a really rich dessert way to late last night (yes, i had the points- plenty of points, but i still think it should be a better practice for me not not eat any 9+ point dessert after 9 or 10pm... it just lingers)
as i sit here seeing the fruits of my unproductively all around me, i can't help but dream about next friday...

the five things i will be so excited about next friday morning:

1) surviving a 10+ hour road trip with my bff and our 2 little babies. (and sorry Serena... i think 10 hours is low balling it, i can dream though- right?)

2) my full tummy of amazing, delicious, indulgent foods of Portland.

3) the beautiful fabrics i will purchasing from : cool cottons, fabric depot, and mills end (and anything else we find along the way.

4) that i will be about to be surrounded by unbelievable homeschool curriculum as far as the eyes can see.

5) that i will be having a yummy dinner with said bff, babies, and my little sister, and that my dad will finally be introduced to his third grandchild.

i'm getting excited!
i'm thinking that my next friday five will be entitled: 5 things you wish wouldn't happen on a road trip- and what you can do to avoid them.


  1. Oh, we're gonna have SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More time on the road just means more time to talk!

  2. From where you will be around 10-12 hours drive, I think. I often do the drive from Vancouver to Livermore and I can do it in 11 hours with stops for gas and fast food (and potty of course). The bad part is that Oregon has such low speed limits.

  3. Yes! Oregon is a hot spot for speed traps. I think everyone of my husband's speeding tickets had come from driving to Washington to see me.