Monday, June 15, 2009

a curious case of bumming me out.

we shall consider this my first "review". what will i be reviewing you may ask? well, whatever i think others may be interested in hearing something about.
starting out- the curious case of benjamin button.

***if you have not seen the movie, and want to- you should probably not read this post, as i will be revealing parts of the movie.

first off: when your bff tells you a movie is so-so, you should probably take that as a clue to just do the norm- and watch re-runs of Law and Order. but do i listen? do i pay attention to some carefully given pieces of wisdom? nope. instead i subject both myself and my husband to 2 1/2 hours of this movie.
now don't get me wrong- the movie is really well done. excellent in fact. really interesting story, the actors do a fairly good job portraying their roles, not a ton of swearing, a couple of inappropriate scenes- but other than that, a movie that i could of thoroughly enjoyed.
if it hadn't of bummed me out so much, that even today (hours after watching it) i feel depressed to all heck.
if you've been living a land free of tv, i'll remind you of the plot: benjamin button is born an old man (actually a baby, but the baby is old, old, old) and lives his life in reverse.
1st thing that depressed me: the depiction of benjamin born as a baby. talk about sad. especially when i had a sleeping beautiful boy in the next room who i immediately wanted to go and hold and cuddle.
2nd thing: how absolutely everyone that benjamin gets to know eventually dies before him old, while he continues to get younger.
3rd: he and his love (daisy) have a stinkin' baby girl. who after a year- he decides to leave because it would be to hard to grow young while she grew old. yeah, if i cried during movies i would have been an absolute mess.
4th: watching benjamin slowly turn into a child... toddler... baby and then die as a baby, all while daisy is taking care of him- her an old women, him a little tiny baby. yup, watching that little baby close his eyes in the end left a pretty huge boulder in my gut that still has yet to leave.
so, i believe that is why i am writing this post. to hopefully get all of my thoughts about this movie out of my system, and then be able to get out of my funk, and take on my day.
i am not sure what the point of this movie was supposed to be. i've heard some say, that youth is wasted on the young. ok. whatever.
like i said, the movie is well done. its the content that just stinks. it is so sad. i know all movies aren't supposed to have us rolling around in laughter. but i would at least like to watch a movie that leaves me feeling some sort of happy.
i thought that movies were supposed to be entertaining? that we were supposed to walk away with a smile on our face and something to talk about.
maybe, i am just learning what is entertaining to me. movies that make me feel extra sad about life and circumstances just do not entertain my anymore. maybe that is changed since i became a parent... i don't know.
so if you haven't seen it- i wouldn't waste your time on something that will most likely just leave you feeling really down. i feel awful- especially because i subjected sam to 2 1/2 hours of a movie- a movie with themes he just hates.
so... i no longer watch scary/horror movies and now, i no longer watch thematic sad, depressing movies.
sticking to pixar and law and orders.

**if there are horrid spelling/grammar errors- i apologize, but all 3 children would like me not to be blogging right now.


  1. I haven't seen the movie so I didn't read the post! But i'm not sure I want to see the movie. I don't like sad movies and I was told it was very sad. For petes sake, I watch South Park! Obviously I have bad taste in TV/Movies. I loved Land of the Lost with Will Farrel. :)

  2. i subject my poor husband to this movie too. and let me tell you...i DO cry at movies, and when that baby closes his eyes at the end not only was i a mess but i'm pretty sure i went to check on the boys and make sure they were ok.
    i also just wasted a perfectly good evening on "Revolutionary Road" what a piece of crap! don't watch it! (EVER)
    i'm with you pixar is the way to go!!!