Saturday, June 6, 2009

saturday stash

1 of 3.
i have 3 separate fabric stashes to blog about.  i am so behind!
so be prepared for this saturday stash, a sunday stash, and perhaps a monday stash blog.
but, fabric is so wonderful it just must be shared.  
i bought 1 yard of each, well i didn't really buy it- it was technically my mother's day gift from a few weeks ago- but i got to pick it out!  and since i have gone and bought another 2 1/2 yards of the purple.  all of it is from the Linden Fabric line, and i am seriously bummed because there were 3 other fabrics that went in line with this, and i cannot find it anymore.  this is the problem with waiting to buy fabric when it is clearance (4.49 a yard as opposed to 9)
i am using the purple for a dress for me, and for mason.
the other 3? not quite sure yet.... so many possibilities.

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