Friday, June 5, 2009


five things i should be doing instead of blogging while watching law and order.

1) sewing.  i have a dress to finish smocking, a skirt to make an elastic casing for, a log cabin square to complete, and i am sure i could think of something else i could be sewing.

2) reading.  i am in the middle of 5 different books, and i would like to actually finish one of them.

3) cleaning.  there are dishes that should be cleaned.

4) diaper laundry.  in fact, i will need to post this and get up and start that laundry, before it gets to late.

5) talking with my husband.  we are just so brain-drained right now.  he's had a hard time re-adjusting to being at work and his responsibilities as a husband and father.  his stress gives me stress.  and even though the two older kids are at his parents, we have basically just collapsed in mental and physical exhaustion.  i need to think of something we should do, or i'll be watching him play with his laptop and his blackberry- simultaneously.

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