Friday, June 26, 2009

a different kind of friday five

i am getting very frustrated with myself and my lack of motivation and my misuse of time (this is being written at 12:49 while i wait for cloth diapers to finish washing).
i am just not happy with what is getting fit into my day, and just what is not getting done.
this isn't really how i want to live my life. i am pretty happy and content with what i have, but not with what i am doing.
so i am going to try something.
my 5 in 15.
i am going to try and add 5 things into my daily life that i wish i was doing now. and i am going to try and do them for the next 15 days.
and i am officially removing "try" from the words above. i am going to do it.
my 5 are going to be fairly specific.
one that brings me closer to the Lord.
one that is directed towards Sam.
one that is directed towards my children.
one that is directed towards my body.
one that is directed towards my mind.
so here are my 5 in 15.

1) devotions. at some time everyday. i will read at least a chapter in the Bible, and i will journal at least a sentence. and i will pray. and this could take 5 minutes, or 50. its the act of doing it.

2) make a lunch for Sam everyday. he never eats at work (usually just snacks on samples) so i really want to be an encouragement to him, and help him stay energized at work.

3) spend my mornings with my kids. i usually stumble out of bed, zonked to the world, dragging until 1 1/2 cups of coffee has seeped into my skin. allowing my kids to wander around, watching pbs and eating breakfast bars. that isn't the morning i want for us. i want breakfast together at the table. i want us to read a story from their Bible, and i want us to start our day together. of course, after that- its pbs and wandering while i get focused for the day!

4) brushing my teeth. i bet some where expecting either exercise daily or eat right in this category. well i do weight watchers so diligently as if a drill sergeant is in the kitchen with me. and daily exercise gets me through every single day. but i do not have great dental hygiene habits. and that really needs to change.

5) reading. i need to read at least a chapter in ANY book. i need to re-establish my passion and eagerness for reading, so that i can set a great example for both my husband and my children.

so that is my 5 for the next 15.
i would love to encourage anyone who would like to, to do the same! and if you do, i'd love to know what you are doing.


  1. i love this idea!! i just might have to try this. i sorta stared my day today in the way i would like every day to start and now reading this i realize i'm the only person who can make this happen for me and my family!!
    funny thing is...many of our goals are VERY much the same! it's almost like we were bff's in another life ;)
    thanks for the encouragement!!

  2. I don't know why, but I have always disliked brushing my teeth. It's like it's that one last thing that you HAVE to do, and that makes it such a chore. Though, I like having clean teeth, so it's a trade-off.

    Your goals...well, it's strange, but it's almost as if you've read my mind and written what I need to do (except for 4, which, as I'm sure you could guess, should be exercising for me). That has never happened before, now has it? ;)

  3. Ambitious and wonderful! I just don't know if I have room for 5 more things in my day. :) I can totally relate to the morning routine. Why does he have to get up with the sunlight at 5am? Maybe I should add "nap" to my daily routine. :)