Wednesday, June 3, 2009

more of a wednesday when

a few days ago i noticed that the bare tree in my front yard had grown beautiful green leaves all over its branches.  and then yesterday i glanced out my kitchen window to see the tree in my back yard was also adorned with bright green leaves.
when did this happen?
how, over the last 2 months did i completely miss the season of spring?
was it due to the record highs, and crazy lows? (the weekend before Henry was born, it was 90 degrees on a Friday, and was snowing on a Sunday)
or perhaps my constant staring at my little new baby for the last 2 months would be the best reason for how i somehow completely missed the new buds forming on branches and flowers slowly starting to bloom.
however, the absence of spring from my vision is most likely contributed to the fact that sam and i do not garden (and rarely mow our lawn) so it has really just been jungle/swamp season here.
however, summer is arriving.

since starting this post, i have come up with many other wednesday why's:
~why can't my son pull his own pull-up down?
~why won't my daughter eat the beautiful lunch i have prepared for her?
~why would my husband leave a milk cup in our bedroom (after having claimed to clean the room) only to have mason find the milk this morning and drink some of its spoiled nastiness.
~why is mason still whining instead of eating?
~why is henry chiming in?

still, summer is arriving.  and in spite of the heat (which i don't love) i am excited for the opportunity to be outside with the kids a little more.  they sure do love the sunshine.

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  1. well he seems like an exceptionally smart kid. maybe he's talking the word "pull-up" literally, you should try calling it a "pull-up & down" ....just a thought :)