Sunday, June 14, 2009

a bag of love.

this bag was made for a sweet women who has been graciously teaching a small group of us young mom's how to sew. her birthday was coming up (and then she found out she was moving away for a few months) so i had the idea to create a special present for her, that incorporated everyone into one sewing gift.
the idea was truly inspired by this post from the Sometimes Crafter, and the little log cabin tutorial was perfect!
the plan was for each gal in our sewing class to produce their own square (which they did- mines the one in the middle on the left- right above this typing) and i made the bag and sewed the squares to the bag.
the bag is reversible- the 2 squares on the green fabric are actually pockets.
i love this bag. especially the birds on the handles.
thank you karen for your sewing skills! we will miss you!


  1. What a wonderfully thoughtful gift!


  2. Awesome! I just love it. I bring my log cabin bag everywhere with me. Now you should make one for yourself!