Wednesday, June 10, 2009


that's pretty much how i feel today. zilch. i just cannot seem to get myself motivated at all today. it is trully such a bummer because today is sam's day off. and did we do magical fun family things? nope. nada. nothing.
monday i was in a mad dash to finish a special bag (blog to come on this later) and then spent the evening embroidering at Starbucks with the gals in the sewing class i'm a member of. then tuesday was full of spending time with my sister-in-law, and then a baby check up for henry, and then dinner and games at the in-laws.
so maybe today i am just mentally burnt out? yesterday i was overloading my brain with homeschooling curriculum... just don't know what i want to do!
and then today, overloading my brains with all the various different things i could do from home to earn some extra money for our family.
so sometime around 12 i just mentally collapsed. couldn't figure out anything to do with our day, nothin.
its frustrating. but i'm not quite sure how to just snap my fingers and get out of this funk.
maybe i will get a sudden burst of energy tonight? sam's opening, so i should have a fair amount of my evening to myself.
argh, i hate days like this.
but, my baby is smiling and kicking his legs high in the air in glee. and i just enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie. and someone else is making dinner tonight. so, things are looking up a bit.

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  1. i totally think you should have an etsy shop! you are so amazing at your sewing and so much is very unique... just an idea!