Saturday, June 27, 2009

saturday stash

again- another stash of old! actually, really, really old. but fabric is beautiful, and i believe no matter when it was bought, it should be shared!

sam picked up the 2 bottom fabrics for me as a surprise. a wonderful surprise, because i rarely buy fabric at full price. the little green on top, i picked up during a 20% color of the month sale at ben franklins (cannont remember what color it was...)
i believe these beauties are modas.
but i am to comfy on the couch right now to get up and search.
and these finds were pretty fun. Ikea! i love finding fabric for 2.99 a yard.
now, the white fabric with the green birds has a fun story. when the helpful man came to cut my fabric and i asked for a yard, there wasn't a full yard (maybe 7/8) on the bolt. so he said he couldn't sell it- and he gave it to me! almost 2 yards for the price of one!
i can't wait to make something out of this. perhaps i shouldn't be blogging, instead sewing. hmmm.

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