Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i love fabric.

yup. its true. i love love love love love love it. and from where i am sitting right now, i can see little piles of it all around. no, i am not in a glorious sewing room, i just have fabric absolutely everywhere, literally fabric pops out of the seams around here.

so obviously (really drawing this word out for emphasis) i need more.

as we (Serena and myself) were headed to Puyallup, WA for our homeschool convention (more to come on that later) we decided that Portland would be a pit stop because we had a place to stay.
so what's better than shopping at new fabric stores? shopping at new fabric stores tax free.


know, we had high hopes (delusions) of visiting 3 separate fabric stores in Portland, and Powells, and eat, all while managing 2 nursing babies, 2 little girls, and one unbelievable helpful couldn't have done this without- Kay(Serena's mom, who is called Baba).
all in one day, before heading up to Puyallup for the evening.

yeah, right.

well, high hopes was right. we made it through Powells (2 hours later), back to the condo with lunch (another 90 minutes) and then headed out to our first stop: Fabric Depot (thank you Christina for a wonderful recommendation).

well, Fabric Depot was just amazing. it was just so giagnormus (not a misspelled word- that's how i spell it) and we were seeing fabric as far as the eyes can see.
for starters- the whole store was 25% off that day.
and- the store's outdoor clearance sale had started.
after Serena and I walked through the entire store (intending to get our bearings, but this was really just the ultimate distraction as we stopped every 3 seconds where gleeful "ooooohs" could be heard throughout the store.)
at this stop, i actually only bought sale fabric.
here were my finds:

a very odd fabric, but at 1.80 a yard
i wanted to see what i can do with it
i love these owls!
another cotton for the stash
just another nice cotton for my stash
this fabric was just to cute to pass up
trim that reminds me of Mary had a little Lamb

hmmm... aprons? kitchen curtains??

i know, great finds, huh? just looking at the fabric makes me smile, mainly because i will always remember how much fun it was entering the store and Serena and i stopping dead in our tracks (conversation halted and all) and were just blown away.

ahh, memories.

but wait- was that it? just one little fabric store?
and even though this post is becoming incredibly long, i will still share pictures of our other great find!
while in Puyallup, we may have cut out of the homeschooling convention a tad early to head to another fabric store.
side note- we were in search of a fabric book: Weekend Sewing, by Heather Ross.
the search led us to Pacific Fabrics (they did not have the book- but lucky for us a Borders was right next door... and yippee! the book was in our hands)
now don't think Pacific Fabrics was a bust. just the contrary.
it was wonderful.

a beautiful knit which will become a tank top
the bottom green floral is a fabric that i previously bought,
and was quite excited to find at 30% off
buy 3 fat quarters get one free... a friday special.
a book i spotted in Borders and just had to buy... its amazing!

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  1. Wow that is a lot of fabric. Im so glad you guys had so much fun. I can't wait to see all the fun things you make with all your new fabric!