Wednesday, July 1, 2009

apron creation.

so the angry chicken was having an apron contest ( she's already started the next one) and i thought it would be kinda fun to whip something (its not like i have a pile of unfinished sewing projects currently taking over every surface of my living/dining room).
i am so happy with the apron. although, if you enlarge the pictures you will see countless mistakes. so its not great, not sell-able... but it is definitely a wonderful starting ground!
the apron design was formulated in my brain. i love the flower pockets. and i loved using elastic thread in the neck strap (and in the body of the apron as well).
the colors are a tad wild, but that was part of the fun.
anyways. back to the disaster that is now my house (everything gets overlooked when i am sewing... i think sam thinks if i am busy sewing, he should be busy on the computer). suffice it to say, there are dishes, laundry, and toys that need my attention.
oh, and yes... the children.

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  1. I love it! You are so talented! I love to see you make time for yourself:)