Saturday, February 28, 2009

4 weeks! 4 weeks!

yeeks! we are getting down to the wire.  a friend at my shower today said she thinks it will be 5 weeks... of course, i would love it to be 2.  however 5 seems like a more reasonable estimation.  and it is probably for the best- i am NOT making the progress on my sewing projects that i wish i were.
however, a few things here have changed.  my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer in august.  we were all told it was something called germ-cell cancer.  he did several rounds of chemo, and then just had major surgery.  today we were told that the cancer wasn't germ-cell cancer, but another type of cancer.  with a very discouraging prognosis.  before we were told the surgery was going to be truly effective at removing all of his tumors, and then maybe a little more chemo, and then cancer free.
now we find out that this new cancer has a 20% success rate.
where am i going with all of this?
stem cells.
stem cell research is huge and making wide strides in helping to treat and cure certain types of cancer.  
we have the option of banking the blood in henry's cord, and the stem cells in that could potentially help in the treatment of my bro in law's cancer.  
after doing some research we found that his type of cancer was on the list of treated by stem cells.
its crazy.
9 months ago i was utterly shocked to find myself pregnant again.  unplanned. so soon after mason.
and then a few weeks later we found out that levi (my brother in law) had cancer.
and now to find out just weeks before henry's arrival, that we may need his cord.
i am just amazed at the Lord's plan.  i mean, i don't know if henry's cord will save levi's life.
but it could.
and the unplanned, surprise of a baby, may have been made with a very specific purpose in mind.
Our Lord is amazing.

so what does this have to do with 4 weeks?
well, i really do want to get my list done.  and i know that the baby will come when he is ready.
however- our doctor on call has never been really ready.
i have been very resistant on induction for this pregnancy.  i was induced with campbell and mason, and i really wanted to go into labor on my own this time.
but with how fast my deliveries have gone, i wonder if that's the smartest thing.  with the possibility of there being a need for the cord blood, i don't know if i can risk whether or not the doctor will show up to bank it.
but i don't know.  i have a few questions for my team of ladies where i get my maternity care.

so 4 weeks to go.  and lots still to do.
recap from last week:

week 5
write my Grandma's ** Done and mailed! Whoo hoo!
finish Kris's birthday gift- this is halfway done.  the main part of the gift is completed, however i have a small little item to make to go along with it, and that fabric is cute and ready to start the sewing process.
make Meaghen's baby gift- well i kinda have a ton of things that i am making for her.  2 projects are done.  and i have, gulp, 4 more i was going to do.  yikes.  i might pick just 2 and do 2 more things.
finish Mason's little Kimono dress ** yea! i did this! i did it a little wrong, but i am really happy with how it turned out, and i know what i need to do to make it right for next time.
work on embroidery-** i have been doing this, and loving it.
finish up what's going on for Campbell's party- i'm a terrible mom.  i don't know what or when i am doing this.  well, i think i know what.  but i don't know when.  
make Henry's booties - i didn't even start this.
start Henry's hospital bag- ** but i did finish this!
register at the hospital- i was going to do this- but i have an appointment next week, and i decided, why take an extra trip up to the hospital, if i need to be there anyway?
** and from last week:
call healthy families- nope
hang other item- double nope

ok, so i really need to get more on the ball for this week.  i do think i bit off a lot on the list for last week.  so i will try and be a little more realistic this week.

week 4
put up pictures
finish picture window with frames
make Campbell's backpack
finish Henry's hospital bag ** DONE!
start Jana's baby gift
follow up with healthy families
finish pictures in kids room
do top shelf frames
added from last week:
finish Meaghen's baby gift
finish Kris's birthday gift
Henry's booties
hang other item
register at hospital
plan my big boys birthday party!

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  1. I have chills reading this. What an amazing act you are going to do and God is truly amazing and I believe that this will help Levi. I am praying for him.