Friday, February 13, 2009

hmmm.. well

so my photo book came from and i have some mixed feelings about it.
i do love that it was basically free (it was 7.99 with free shipping but shutterfly would have been free with shipping- shipping being 7.99), and i love that i know have a little book with printed up pictures of all the family, our year in review.
however- the pages smelled a bit- like the ink wasn't fully set in or something.
and the picture quality wasn't fantastic- but it may have been due to the size of pictures i picked out.  
some of the background pages i selected i don't think were the ones that actually printed.
so, i don't know how i completely feel.
i love that this website offers so many free deals- and the prints are so cheap.
so before i decide how i really feel, this is my plan.
i'm going to order some of my free prints- because i have like 600 coming this month, and see how the quality of the prints turns out (and how much the shipping is) and after i get the prints- and if i like them, i think i may try another photo book (because i have another free one coming) and try some different sizes of photos in the book.
the reason i am blogging about this is because the prices are so reasonable, plus when you sign up as a member (which is free) the just have so many amazing free printable things for you- which you can enjoy or give as gifts.
so... the jury isn't out yet.

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