Saturday, February 14, 2009

6 weeks

so technically i've got six whole weeks left.  now i could have this baby in 4-8 weeks... which is a very huge gap.
however, i'm kinda tired of the way i was doing my list of things to do.  instead of overwhelming myself with all the things to do, i want to break it down for myself so that i can prioritize what i need to do and when.  so i'm going to set up what i want to do in week 6, week 5 and so on.  for the next 4 weeks i will put the things i really want to get done, and then the last 2 weeks will be filler, and then i may make an optional 2 weeks after... not what i really want to do- cause i'm thinking positive that 6 weeks from now i'll be holding my new baby boy.
but here's a recap:

what i had previously done in weeks 10-8:
made Piper's Birthday Gift
made Madeline's Birthday Gift
cleaned/organized under my bed
cleaned/organized my side of the closet
organized living room dresser
organized and cleaned up all my art and sewing stuff
finished Campbell and Mason's names
sorted all baby boy clothes
hung wall photo boards in the kids rooms
made my diaper bag
sent in Healthy Families application
hung picture in back room
worked on the white walls in the kids rooms
been blogging

not to bad when i look it over.  i'm pretty proud of myself. and i'm sorry to be blogging about it and boring anyone, but it makes me happy to see that what i've done!

and on what i've done:
recap of week 7
**finished Jana's birthday gift (pics to come after her birthday)
**finished Henry's baby blanket and small blanket
**finished my taxes (about an hour ago! whoo hoo)
**hung up Henry's name
**cleaned up the hall closet- there's some empty spaces that i wanted to fill, and         then i realized, i didn't need to fill it all, its done.

again not bad.  and here's what i still have to go:

week 6:
brainstorm Campbell's birthday party, decide when i'm going to do it, and start invitations
follow up with healthy families for Mason
get Mason's birth certificate from the county office
start Kris's birthday gift
make gift for Chelsea's baby
order pics of Mason and pics for frames
work on Mason's little Kimono dress
work on embroidery
hang under my shelf

week 5
write my Grandma's
finish Kris's birthday gift
make Meaghen's baby gift
finish Mason's little Kimono dress
work on embroidery
finish up what's going on for Campbell's party
make Henry's booties 
start Henry's hospital bag
register at the hospital

week 4
put up pictures
finish picture window with frames
make Campbell's backpack
finish Henry's hospital bag
start Jana's baby gift
follow up with healthy families
finish pictures in kids room
do top shelf frames

week 3
make Mason's Easter skirt
make my Wrap Skirt
make picture hanging for Campbell
start Gaia's birthday gift
pack hospital bag
start Campbell's Easter pants

week 2
finish Jana's baby gift
finish Gaia's birthday gift
make fun totes
work on Campbell's homeschooling folder
work on Mother's Day gifts
work on van basket
finish Campbell's Easter pants

week 1
work on Mother's Days gifts
make diaper pouch
make Christmas lift
work on Jess's purse
work on Vera's gift

Overdue ideas or if i finish everything early and need more to do:
make seasonal decorations
make 2 pillows and ottoman runner (to hide the disgusting)
make gift list (for birthday presents)
make Christmas list

well that's the plan.  here i go for next week!
if i've missed anything, please let me know!

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