Friday, February 27, 2009

some completed projects

i have been getting some things done.  unfortunately i have been adding more to my list. well not unfortunately, i just keep remembering things that i need to be doing.
but i have gotten some things done!

above is my beginning attempts at embroidery.. I love doing embroidery! i wish i was a little (okay a LOT) better, but I am absolutely enjoying taking the time to learn.  I love LollyChops for her great free patterns and her fun exciting blog! Check her out- she's inspiring me!
These two little designs above are for part of the bag I am making for Henry's clothes for the hospital (really just an excuse to start embroidery). I wrote his name out by hand, and sketched the lion from a coloring book... here we have the ever exciting burp cloths! well, i think they are ever exciting.  these 3 are part of the baby gift i am making for my friend meaghen. she is due just days before me (she gets to have her baby first, she's got have a c-section) i love the top stitching that i did on these, although i knew i was running out of the purple thread, so i simply did purple in the middle of one burp cloth, and then did white the rest of the way- it looks a little different, but i like it.

these are just some shots of the blanket I made for Henry.  now i have made each one of the kids a crocheted blanket to come home from the hospital in.  this blanket doesn't become their "night night" but instead i put it away for them to have when they are older.

and this? what's this? a sneak peak of a project that i am working on... hee hee

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  1. I am so in love with that lion. He's a charmer! Henry's blanket turned out so nice! I wish I'd thought of that...a special hospital blanket. How stupid of me. I can't even remember what blanket Fiona used coming home from the hospital. Agh! I can't rememeber what ANYA used coming home from the hospital!