Monday, February 2, 2009

a huge irritation

frustration upon frustrations.  i have been patiently waiting for sam's w2 to arrive, so that i can dutifully begin the process of filing our taxes.  with the economy being the way its been, i have been slightly fearful that somehow we could be paying both (with the progress i have made so far that doesn't seem to be the case) and i have wanted to get it done so if we needed to pay, i could start saving up.
well finally, sam's employer decided they would grace us with his w2.  about stinkin' time.
so, with most of my documents already loaded into turbo tax, i sat down with the remainder of my tax documents and signed in.
and signed in.
and signed in again.
and then got in.
and then was automatically signed out.
apparently turbo tax's website isn't running smoothly.
at all.
yup.  this is very irritating to me.
a huge irritation.
i am praying for patience.
and blogging right now to avoid trying to sign in for the 60th time today.
not truly an exaggeration. i've been trying since 11 am.
a huge irritation.

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