Sunday, February 8, 2009

7 weeks

checking in... on another week

and from 1o, comes 9, and then 8
and now 7
more progress has been made! again, i may not totally feel like something is done, if one little thing isn't done, but that's just the way my strange mind works.
at least during this week, i haven't added anything new (this could change by next week though!)
**- means an item is done!
10 gifts to make
Piper Birthday Gift-i am happy to say i found the rest of her birthday gift... still need to wrap
Madeline Birthday Gift-this is done- but to be wrapped!
Kris Birthday Gift- i would still like to come up with an idea for this... i have 2 right now, but i think i will try them first for myself, and see if they will work.
Jana Birthday Gift-pockets sewn on the lining.
Meaghen's Baby Gift-mind wandering still- although i have 3 small purchased gifts for before the baby comes, and i may make her one thing for before baby, then make 2 other- she is having her showers after the baby comes... but i will still want these done.
Jana's Baby Gift- i think i have this narrowed down... but nothing made or started.
Mother's Day gifts for friends- i may want to start working on more of these.
Sam's Mom and My Mom's mother day's gifts- i have picked out what i want to do! and it rocks!
Gaia Birthday Gift- i know what i want to do... just need to get started.
Vera Gift- still have things cut but that is it.
Ok. so I did get one sewing project done, and another kinda started... and things definitely thought about- but these are the projects that really need attention.  I would love to have things wrapped and ready before the baby comes, so I don't have to worry about it!

10 organizational or random projects
clean out hall closet- more progress- stuff that isn't supposed to be in the closet is out, and now i need to figure out what i want in the closet ( i have a few empty shelves)
**clean out my side of the closet- DONE!
**clean out under our bed-
**clean our living room dresser-i do officially feel like this one is done!
resort my craft stuff- Major progress! everything in the backroom is sorted, all sewing stuff is one place, but the back room is still a bit of a mess, so its almost done.
put together car basket
**put up a sewing shelf- this isn't going to happen- the lighting with the shelf up would not be good- but we did switch desks for me to sew with, and now i have drawers (stimulating, i know) so technically done!
**finish names in the kids rooms-DONE! and actually redone (as campbell pulled the two L's of his name off 2 days after they were rehung!)
put up pictures of Mason- yeah, still not done.
**clean out baby boy clothes- DONE! i pulled out all the clothes i will absolutely not need with henry (who needs 30 oneseis for one baby) and the extra clothes have been moved out to the garage (in the appropriate bin) and all henry's clothes are organized!
additional to add:
buy and paint henry's name-bought the letters!
put up special frames on top shelf in kids room- i found the frames to use... and know what pics I want to do!
hang wall photo boards in kids room- i do have these up (and they look nice) but i need to actually add more pictures.  and i do think i want to change how i have done this, some day... change from cardboard to a magnetic board.

10 projects for me and my family
**my diaper bag
Mason's Easter Skirt-- bought the fabric.
Easter pants for Campbell-still need a pants or long shorts pattern.
Wrap Skirt for me- Easter-bought the fabric!
Campbell drawstring bag
Henry baby blanket- crochet - finished more edging, need to weave in a few more ends, and finish my mini one!
diaper pouch
my window frame project- once i get my photo book in the mail, i will see if i can order pictures from the same site.
laptop case
kimono dress for Mason- i traced the pattern!
make Henry baby booties to bring him home from the hospital in (and get my sister to knit him a hat)

10 absolutely random things that need to be done
hang crates- i am not totally sure if this will be done... not because of time, but due to aesthetics.
**pictures in back room-hung!
**Mason on Healthy Families- mailed out and awaiting approval!
make springtime decorations-i have actually thought of some fun ways to seasonally decorate, but done nothing yet.
do taxes :)- so so so close to being done... just waiting for Turbo Tax to stop having glitches.
make Christmas list
find out about gas stove reimbursement
organize van
10 blog entries about my 10 weeks- 3 out of 10 done!
write my Grandmas
and adding an 11th- hang stuff in the kids room to fill up the blank white walls! now that mason is in the crib i can finally hang something above the crib! i have one more thing to do to the walls, and then i will post before and after pictures.

so, more things get done everyday.  I feel like more got done this week, probably too because other stuff that wasn't on the list was accomplished.  I think when i actually get some more sewing projects done I'll feel way more ahead of the track.  I just need to get more started,because i have a ticking time bomb of comfort in front of me!


  1. Did you type all this while we were chatting? And how did you get so much done with 3 children to take care of? You're insanely productive. I want to know how...

  2. Ok we need email LOL! I don't know the dimensions I just did it! I do that ofton. I can't follow a pattern I guess that's the add in me. My EMail is