Sunday, February 8, 2009

a finished diaper bag

Progress! Whoo-Hoo! I finished my diaper bag, and i am pretty happy with it I must say.

This is "the Everything Bag" from Amy Butler's book Little Stitches for Little Ones

there are 2 side pockets like this...

a divider and 2 pockets for each side (4 pockets total)
I plan on using this bag for Mason and Henry, giving them each there own side.


Things i wish i could change:
-my lack of straight stitching... i need to always sew a little slower.
- the fact that when i sew the lining to the exterior fabric there is always a little too much of one fabric and it doesn't stay straight- there's always an overlap
-the bags tends to look a little flimsy when the diaper bag is totally packed full- maybe more interfacing for the main panels? I'm not quite sure... i need it pretty packed...
- there's a tiny piece of elastic showing on the inside.

Things i love:
- the fabric! its a home decor from Joann's... i really like getting my fabric on sale, with coupons- which is how i did this, but i have realized that buying fabric you absolutely love- is way more important than price. However- that doesn't mean i buy every fabric my eyes fall on. Instead it means waiting.  My recent Moda purchase was fabric that i had been eyeing for a long time, and after patiently waiting, i have wonderful fabric- for half the price. and after seeing stashes like this i do see the importance of stacking up on fabrics.
- how big the bag is- it holds a lot- with everything in its own perfect place.
- that i made it! its make me happy to have something i made holding my children's gear.
- that i only got majorly stumped twice.  and thank you, thank you Serena (oh if you only knew what my plan for that side panel was)