Friday, February 27, 2009

a wonderful day for new fabrics

i often time see women posting about their fabric stashes and having weekly posts about new fabric.  how i am full of jealousy and want to be able to have a weekly post of new fabric.  Sam would probably say with the amount of fabric i tend to buy, i could.  
but i have incredibly self-control (only for fabric) because i will wait and buy only clearance or marked down fabric.
however after seeing the new Robert Kaufman today.... my self-control may be sitting on the shelf ** i want the apples (oh the apples) and the chicks (on green fabric, not the yellow) and those trees...
the last few days have been particularly challenging with the kids.  ok, they have sucked.  mason basically cries from 4-6 every day.  and campbell is an extension of my shadow.  but i love them, and i am committed to them.
and then mason refuses to take any nap.  and campbell doesn't want to play by himself.  and i realize that, hey the kids and i left sunday for an 1 1/2 hours, and that's been it for me, no alone time, not getting out of the house at all.
so when Sam came home at 11:30 today (am) he generously kicked me out of the house.  i finished my latte (for stamina- as i was curled up under a blanket watching sesame street when he got home) and left!
and didn't return till after 2.
it was marvelous!
i bought fabric.
extra marvelous.
and i broke down (not really breaking down, i have wanted this for awhile, and finally stopped contemplating and bought it!) and bought Anna Maria Horner's book Seams to Me (the sew mama sew blog links it a cheaper price than what i got it for... however i do have it in my hands tonight!)
getting out of the house gave me a wonderful burst of energy (which is now completely gone) but it was great.  and usually when making multiple stops, i give up after the first and go home.  and today i didn't!
ahh.  so below are my new fabrics.
drool away.  i am.

yes, this IS more moda fabric.  i cannot resist it.  i've got pillow projects in mind.

i found these little kitties at ben franklin today.  i love them.  i am such a cat person.  the pink ones i am going to use in a little quilt (also for meaghen's baby)

the top stars/flowers fabric will also appear in meaghen's baby quilt.

and i love this cowboy fabric! i got a yard of it... its going to be incorporated into jana's baby boy gift... would a little boy kimono top be to girly?  with dark blue bias trim... and maybe blue bottoms?  hmmm...

and then a little bit of flannel to make Campbell a tiny drawstring bag to keep his fire trucks in.

aw fabric.

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  1. The purple and orange! The kitties! The cowboys! I think a kimono for Jana's baby out of the cowboys would be a-dor-a-ble! And blue bottoms would go perfectly!

    The flannel for Campbells bag is so cute--very '60s kid's book-ish!